Jobyl Boone Avatar
Jobyl Boone
1/16/2022 - Google

Jana is a bright light in the universe! She is a terrific yoga and Pilates instructor, and personal trainer, but... read more

Rosie Rose Avatar
Rosie Rose
1/10/2022 - Google

Jana Lerbach Yoga class and courses were a beautiful experience to attend. Jana is a very informative and enlightening professional... read more

Anna Prokopenko Avatar
Anna Prokopenko
1/10/2022 - Google

Jana is professional and dedicated to helping others. She is straightforward, doesn’t sugar coat and sets realistic expectations to achieve results.

Alissa Bookwalter Avatar
Alissa Bookwalter
9/08/2020 - Facebook

Jana is an AMAZING trainer who is truly dedicated to helping achieve fitness goals. Her workouts are tailored to each... read more

Anna TenBroek Avatar
Anna TenBroek
9/08/2020 - Facebook

Jana is an amazing trainer! She knows how to put together workouts that will kick your butt, but what I... read more

Michele Gorges Schnabel Avatar
Michele Gorges Schnabel
4/15/2019 - Facebook

Jana is a professional that will put all her heart into getting you back to where you wanna be! I... read more

HL Studiohair Avatar
HL Studiohair
1/24/2019 - Facebook

Fantástico, excelente profissional 😉👏🏼👏🏼