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Lose Fat, Gain Confidence, Transform Your Life

Jana Lerbach is a Lifestyle Coach, Certified Master Strength Trainer, and Yoga Teacher. She has helped many women and men shed hundreds of pounds of body fat, find true health, regain confidence, and re-discover their true voices. Jana leads a holistic approach, integrating various practices – such as yoga, kettlebells, the TRX, Pilates, Olympic lifting, and neuroscience – to ensure her clients achieve optimal health and strength.

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Knowledge is Power


No more before pictures! – This is not a trick.

No more before pictures! – This is not a trick.

Wow! October is here. As I write this newsletter, we have exactly 87 days left until the new year. Get ready folks! We still can accomplish so much in 2021. I must confess that September was a very transformative month for me personally and for my practice (aka my...

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Personal Success


Before: law student, anxious and depressed, 180 lbs., 35% of body fat, size 16/18.

Jana Lerbach Before Photo


After: lifestyle coach, happy and excited about life, 148 lbs., 21% of body fat, size 4/6.

Jana Lerbach Photo at the Paris Marathon

Jana understands transformations because she went through one herself!

The journey is hard but it is even harder if you go through it alone.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Jobyl Boone Avatar
Jobyl Boone
1/16/2022 - Google

Jana is a bright light in the universe! She is a terrific yoga and Pilates instructor, and personal trainer, but... read more

Rosie Rose Avatar
Rosie Rose
1/10/2022 - Google

Jana Lerbach Yoga class and courses were a beautiful experience to attend. Jana is a very informative and enlightening professional... read more

Anna Prokopenko Avatar
Anna Prokopenko
1/10/2022 - Google

Jana is professional and dedicated to helping others. She is straightforward, doesn’t sugar coat and sets realistic expectations to achieve results.

Alissa Bookwalter Avatar
Alissa Bookwalter
9/08/2020 - Facebook

Jana is an AMAZING trainer who is truly dedicated to helping achieve fitness goals. Her workouts are tailored to each... read more

Anna TenBroek Avatar
Anna TenBroek
9/08/2020 - Facebook

Jana is an amazing trainer! She knows how to put together workouts that will kick your butt, but what I... read more

Michele Gorges Schnabel Avatar
Michele Gorges Schnabel
4/15/2019 - Facebook

Jana is a professional that will put all her heart into getting you back to where you wanna be! I... read more

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